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 History Of Horoxio (Got Bored)

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PostSubject: History Of Horoxio (Got Bored)   Sun Apr 29, 2012 9:08 am

Well, When i joined this server, i originally joined with Gilfread and Harrythegod, we started exploring through water, snow, sand, and grass... until we found a huge mountain range... we gathered some basic material and started to clear out a mountain... (destroy the hole thing), after this our mining skill was very high, and was soon getting sulphur from grass and sand... we then gathered some tnt and had fun with it (as you can guess)... soon, Gilfread And I parted from Harrythegod and built a new base in the desert... since we wasnt very rich (iron armour rich), we built our base out of cobblestone and put water around it so it was still tnt proof... we then got Farley close with filippk... he seemed pretty cool and gave us some stuff (diamond armour and tools) and he joined our faction... we were soon attacked after this and we desided to rig the base with some of the left over tnt... we gathered the good stuff and ran... leaving a crater behind... i then got close to the admins (xknight and laptop) through filippk, and then i got to know ujelleh... then Gilfread and I soon made a base next to them and became allies... after helping them from a few attacks... Dannybtw soon asked if we would like to join.. so since they were 1 of the best factions, we joined... We got really close to ujelleh, until we fell out with filippk (but didnt tell him we didnt like him) and tried milking him to get his base co-ords... it didn't really work... but still we went on a huge war with him... soon after that alleyroo (who we were allies with at the time) sold then "End" to RDC, so we fell out with alleyroo... filippk soon started to lick his arse and took alleyroo's side so we went on a huge war with him... we eventually won and alley got banned, followed by the rest of his clan for destroying spawn (multiple times) filippk still licked his arse and followed, joining another server... he came back tho... and tried making friends... yet we killed him again... this war went on for a while... about 1 week after we had a betrayer in ujelleh... and most of us got kicked from the faction... well... Gilfread and I did, because someone framed us by putting all out good swords in our chests...we then had to explain to danny it wasnt us and he belived us because we had hard evidence that it wasnt us... i went off to make my own faction while ujelleh were trying to find out who did it... so Me and Flarox (another friend) decided to build in the "End" which i owned at the time... little did we know that all wizzzard and his crew had access to it... so that was another huge war ... it was like 12 vs 2 ( flarox and me) until jack_malone came to our rescue...followed by Gilfread, and xknight... the fight was farely even untill they decided to all enderpearl ontop of our base at one time.. we retreated under it and put lava in the entrances... while they were trying to find a way in... flarox and i were moving the good stuff to out secret "nether" base... after waiting it out, and letting jack_malone be a suicidal bomber with loads of instant damage pots... they left to restock on armour and potions... this was a perfect time to rig the base up with tnt... we left a lever on top of the base so THEY could kill them selves... and they were soo stupid they did it (well only like 3 peeps died) so we thought it was a victory and decided to create a new base... then... the server reset (xknight and laptop's harddrive blew up) so we all had to start again... now i am back in ujelleh and we officially own the "End" once again... we have recently (about 2 hours ago) fort off about 50 ender dragons because xknight decided to troll us and spawn aloud... but never the less... we k0ed them with iron armour and diamond swords... we know own 4 "EnderDragon Eggs" and have a End Base.... The END.... I will continue when there is more interesting stuff to post XD lol!
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History Of Horoxio (Got Bored)
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