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 AlleyRoo Should Be Re-Promoted!

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PostSubject: AlleyRoo Should Be Re-Promoted!   Mon Mar 26, 2012 1:35 pm

On March 24th, 2012, Guard AlleyRoo was demoted for alleged power abuse. I am ChaosKitty, leader of RDC, I am the reason Alley got demoted, I admitted in chat to block glitching 4 items of Neather Wart, and Alley was blamed for "Covering It Up". Alley did not know what I was saying, he didn't even know I block glitched, which was not on purpose. I will give back 4 stacks of Neather Wart to compensate for what I block glitched. Alley was the only guard that managed the chat (Stoped Caps, Stoped Spammers, and Jailed PvP Loggers) Alley was not bias and any bias he had was minuscule compared to Dannybtw's. Alley should be Re-Promoted and Danny should be talked to for not doing his job. I hope you read this laptop, I know I am getting Temp-Banned for Trolling Mr. UberTroll but I hope you realise that Alley should not be blamed for what I do, and for something he didn't know about.

P.S. When I talk about the item glitching, I only glitched 4 neather wart! I was just saying that I will compensate for that with an entire 4 stacks.

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PostSubject: Thx Scott   Tue Mar 27, 2012 8:13 am

Ur a real pal unlike some people
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AlleyRoo Should Be Re-Promoted!
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