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 Mattylane1s Mod App

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PostSubject: Mattylane1s Mod App   Fri Mar 30, 2012 8:00 am

IGN (In-Game Name/Minecraft Username):mattylane1


Location (Country):Australia [SA]

Qualifications (What makes you fit to be Mod?):I know most of the commands for The plugin's. I also hope to stop griefing, and swearing. Really, I don't know why people swear i will fit in because i am kind and nice to players also mods i hope and i will try realy hard to help every 1 that needs help

Referrals (Have you been staff on any other servers?):Yes i have had a LOT od it because i ran my own server and i became a mod or admin on 12 outhers i have lots of nolage of the comands of the server jar and i know a lot of plgins and plugin comands

Why do you /WANT/ to be a Moderator on this server?:?:I would like to take this position because , all that is of the chat is OMG GIVE ME THIS AND THAT!!1111 and people just have no respect for others. I feel that there needs to be someone to straighten them out and make them act to others right.

What will you do if you are accepted as a Moderator:i wil help player and have fun ill do what im told from admins and outher mods ill build cool things and ill try and help stop grefing spaming and swering when you r not allowed to

What are the 6 Main Server rules?:
Dont ask for Op Iteams ranks ect
/dont advertive outherservers or webaddres
/ dont spam chat or whrit all in caps
/do not combat lag or tp away from battle
/do not cams at the exet of spawn at the warzone

Name 3 *Extra Rules*:
Dont be smart ass/
killing outhers players pets is rude!
/Grefing is allowed in the pvp arena

Timezone:Its the Adelaide time zone. I'm not sure what its called.

Biography of yourself:I am born on the 10 10 1998. I live in Adelaide, south Australia with my parents and my sister. I have lots of pets, and play Minecraft quite a bit. I play the guitar sometimes, I listen to LMFAO. I play my I pod touch a lot. I have most of the high scores in game center. I also get high grades in school (A's, B's).

The reason you should be accepted:I know most of the staff that play this server, I have mastered most of the plugins, I am on when other moderators aren't because I live in Australia and if I do say so myself, I am quite a nice guy.

Your creations and projects in singel payer:When I first came on minecraft, I made a small house . It was quite small, but suited me. I made a massive tree farm, . Then, that house became too small and I made a city in , Seaside city. Then, I made a mansion , I went out exploring to find a island for a nice city. I found a tiny island, and started building a city. The city is still there, and is called Isle City. I am now currently working on my lovely treehouse.

I hope you think about it :Mattylane1 [Matthew Lane]
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Mattylane1s Mod App
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